What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

The green truck that pulled up was really a life saver. SERVPRO came to my home after the washing machine leaked and was able to get all the soapy water out. Very impressive work and workers. 

SERVPRO cleaned my home after my Grandson left the water running in the sink causing my bathroom to overflow. They were very kind throughout the process and I was excited to have such a clean bathroom when it was all through!

When I came home to a floor full of soap and water from my dishwasher I knew I couldn't clean this up myself. SERVPRO promptly came after a phone call and began removing the water and left fans to dry the rest up. Not only did they finish quickly, they updated me as they did the job. I learned not only to never leave my dishwasher running while I'm gone, but to trust SERVPRO; they really are experts. 

After coming home to a burst pipe in my bathroom I did not know what to do. After a quick search online I decided it was time to call SERVPRO. They showed up faster than I expected and dealt with the whole problem, including dealing with my insurance. Not long after I made the first call I was getting another to let me know the job was complete and my bathroom was back to its original condition. But if you ask me I would say even better then before!

I've never had to call a restoration company before, and wasn't quite sure what to expect. When I booked my appointment, I felt so much better. This team really cares about fixing the problem and putting your mind at ease. SO KIND and PROFESSIONAL! Thank you, Thank you SERVPRO!!!

These guys are extremely professional. We recently had to have restoration done to our home thanks to a water filter exploding behind our fridge. It led to us having to have SERVPRO out to take care of the water damage and to make sure we weren't susceptible to molding. They worked well with our insurance and were able to get the job done in a TIMELY fashion. I can't stress that point enough. It was nice to have our house back to normal as quickly as we did. I highly recommend the Williamsburg, Greenpoint team.