What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was a dream to work with, I found their website right away and clicked call. From there on it was smooth sailing and the best customer service!

When my heat stopped working overnight, a pipe burst in my basement causing a complete mess. SERVPRO was extremely professional and helpful the entire process from start to finish. 

I rented to a smoker for a year and they did not make any attempt of keeping the place clean. SERVPRO removed all of the tar from the walls and the smell that stuck to everything, it was like new again when they left.  

The green truck that pulled up was really a life saver. SERVPRO came to my home after the washing machine leaked and was able to get all the soapy water out. Very impressive work and workers. 

SERVPRO performed their COVID cleaning in my office and I felt very confident in their thoroughness and the cleanliness of everything. I recommended them to a few other businesses in the area already!

I was beyond surprised at the speed of arrival and the quality of work was beyond my expectations. I could not recommend a better service. 

SERVPRO cleaned my home after my Grandson left the water running in the sink causing my bathroom to overflow. They were very kind throughout the process and I was excited to have such a clean bathroom when it was all through!

When a snow storm kept me from getting into my office a pipe froze and caused a bad leak. SERVPRO got it all cleaned up and I was able to take precautions for the next snow storms. 

When frying in the kitchen went bad causing a small fire, SERVPRO kept their word and made all the damage and smell disappear. I have already recommended them to a friend.

I was having work done in my office and the sprinklers were triggered, leaving a mess. SERVPRO came through and cleaned it all up, they were very helpful and I would choose them again for sure. 

I am very pleased with my experience with SERVPRO. I had experienced storm damage in my office that hindered the ability to continue work. My project manager reached out to me with updates while they cleaned my building and assured me I would be back in business very soon. The team worked around the clock and my work was able to resume shortly after!

SERVPRO was able to prevent a lot of damage to my living room after a bad storm broke the window and let rain in. They arrived very quickly and got to sealing the window and cleaning the mess. I was glad I called them in the end, couldn't have asked for more!

My garage has smelled damp and mildewy for months and I finally wanted it to change. My wife would complain whenever she went in there. When I called SERVPRO they told me it was most likely mold and they came to check it out. They tested for moisture and the air quality, finding out that there was a leak behind some old things we didn't use where a bunch of mold had grown. They took out the part of the wall affected by mold and then cleaned the remaining spores and moisture. Once it was all done they patched the hole and it was all complete, I was surprised how much of a difference the garage was- no more issues, no more complaints from my wife and it even smelled new!

After an employee in my office became infected with COVID-19, my staff all tested negative but I wanted to ensure clean working conditions for when they came back. I called SERVPRO and they sent over a crew to disinfect and clean all the surfaces in my office. Moving forward, everyone was fine and I would trust SERVPRO to clean up any mess I had. 

SERVPRO came to our rescue when our restaurant had two employees test positive for COVID-19. We called SERVPRO and they came in within the hour to clean/disinfect the entire kitchen and front of house. It's mind-blowing how quick they were and how fast they were able to make our restaurant feel safe again so we could re-open. Thank you, team!!

We had a fantastic experience with this SERVPRO team! Robert was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had mold under the flooring in my bathroom and in the attic. Robert's team worked around 2 small children and a Labrador to perform the remediation. Their work was impeccable - they were amazingly detail oriented, efficient, tidy and so polite. They worked with my insurance seamlessly and the whole thing was handled with very little effort on my part. I very highly recommended them. You can not go wrong with a team of this caliber.

They showed up on time and didn't waste a second getting to cleanup. The small kitchen fire from cooking breakfast became a thing of the past, the soot spot was gone from the wall and it didn't smell like a campfire anymore in my house. Would definitely recommend them to a friend.

SERVPRO took care of the damages done to my home after our dishwasher flooded the kitchen. They arrived quickly and were very respectful through the entire process. 

I called SERVPRO up after a rain storm left my basement flooded. The project manager who took care of my cleanup was actively updating me on the status and I felt pretty confident as they were working. The final result sealed the deal, the basement looked better than before and not a trace of moisture. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family with a water damage in the future. 

When I came home to a floor full of soap and water from my dishwasher I knew I couldn't clean this up myself. SERVPRO promptly came after a phone call and began removing the water and left fans to dry the rest up. Not only did they finish quickly, they updated me as they did the job. I learned not only to never leave my dishwasher running while I'm gone, but to trust SERVPRO; they really are experts. 

After my bedroom suffered from an electrical fire due to a bad outlet, I was confused where to start. My friend recommended I call SERVPRO up and ask them what's next. Next I knew I had an assigned project manager updating me constantly. By the end of the week, my room was back to its original condition and the smell of smoke was completely gone. It seemed like something I could never recover from, but they were even able to get the smoke smell out of my favorite chair. 

After an employee in my office became infected with COVID-19, my staff all tested negative but I wanted to ensure clean working conditions for when they came back. I called SERVPRO and they sent over a crew to disinfect and clean all the surfaces in my office. Moving forward, everyone was fine and I would trust SERVPRO to clean up any mess I had. 

After my toilet backed up and overflowed my apartment I did not know who to call. I found SERVPRO and could not have been more pleased with that choice. They made a disgusting mess look like it was never there and the response time was quicker then I thought it would be. Thanks to the team at SERVPRO who made disaster disappear.  

After coming home to a burst pipe in my bathroom I did not know what to do. After a quick search online I decided it was time to call SERVPRO. They showed up faster than I expected and dealt with the whole problem, including dealing with my insurance. Not long after I made the first call I was getting another to let me know the job was complete and my bathroom was back to its original condition. But if you ask me I would say even better then before!

With more people getting vaccinated, I have been able to reopen my venue for weddings and smaller groups of people. This presented a risk though that I was not sure how to solve, how do I cleanup and make sure it is safe for the next clients, and myself? I saw SERVPRO offers disinfecting and cleaning services and called immediately. They gave me all the information I needed to know that they were the right ones for the job. I am happy to say my events are all certified SERVPRO cleaned. 

After a bunch of storms occurring, the basement in one of my properties became flooded. Luckily nothing important was damaged, but this is the storage area for many of my tenants and the water was inching close to their belongings. I called SERVPRO and they sent a team out right away, on arrival they pumped out the water and setup drying units to get rid of any other moisture that was still there. I am so thankful for their fast response time and thorough work SERVPRO does. Even after the fans were turned off and the water seemed gone, they used a moisture meter to inspect the whole basement and make sure the job was really complete. 

My bathroom had been smelling damp for weeks, I changed my towels and bathmat out for new ones with no luck and finally became concerned. Under my sink was mold growing from an old leak I thought was fixed, when I called SERVPRO they sent someone over who inspected the mold and told me what was next. From there on out I knew I could trust them, they kept in contact with me constantly to update me on progress. The mold had spread pretty badly, but they were able to contain it and stop any future spreading. Thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was here soon after I called, wasting no time to cleanup and restore my kitchen after a cooking disaster. Not only did they show up quickly, the entire job was done before I knew it and the black soot on the walls, and lingering smoke smell disappeared! I could not be more pleased with my choice of restoration company and my family is back to living life normally again. 

I've never had to call a restoration company before, and wasn't quite sure what to expect. When I booked my appointment, I felt so much better. This team really cares about fixing the problem and putting your mind at ease. SO KIND and PROFESSIONAL! Thank you, Thank you SERVPRO!!!

Our restaurant had a grease fire that shut us down immediately, there was so much smoke and soot. I called SERVPRO and they came immediately to start cleaning up, no games or gimmicks. They showed up early and explained the entire process before they started work. In my 16 years in the industry, I don't think I've ever had that easy of an experience. Thank you to Stephen and the rest of the team!

These guys are extremely professional. We recently had to have restoration done to our home thanks to a water filter exploding behind our fridge. It led to us having to have SERVPRO out to take care of the water damage and to make sure we weren't susceptible to molding. They worked well with our insurance and were able to get the job done in a TIMELY fashion. I can't stress that point enough. It was nice to have our house back to normal as quickly as we did. I highly recommend the Williamsburg, Greenpoint team.