Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

A Quick Stay

A sink overflowed and created several inches of standing water in this hotel room, definitely not something you want to "sink" into the floors. SERVPRO of Willi... READ MORE

Contaminated Water Cleanup

This was what is known as a category 3 cleanup, it is when contaminated water leaks out that can contain pathogenic, toxicogenic, or other harmful agents. Categ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Fix

Severe water damage in an office hallway led to the need for total reconstruction in the area. The drywall and floor that was damaged had to be removed to throu... READ MORE

Flooding in a Storage Center

This storage company had an unfortunate flood and a few unhappy customers, needless to say. Our team at SERVPRO of Williamsburg, Greenpoint was happy to help ... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in the Office

Our clients had a busy day with meetings and deadlines. Unfortunately they experienced an unexpected interruption. A busted pipe decided to introduce the team... READ MORE

Warped Floors No More

This homeowner got more than he bargained for. A frustrating thing to endure after you have just installed brand new wood flooring. Leaks do not belong in the... READ MORE